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Under one roof, BKK Sports promotes many combat sports, including Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and Bare-Knuckle Fights (Bare Knuckle Kombat). In addition to television broadcasts, PPV events are used to reach fans. BKK has a global reach of over 2.0 billion household people spanning 190+ countries and is proud to stage such competitions on Arabian soil, a feat that will go down in history.

For the first time, all combat sports will merge to form a phenomenon, with current champions joining top international fighters from around the world to put on an unmissable show while adhering to all rules and regulations. BKK Sports has partnered with many broadcasters like Flight Global who deliver media sales to UCL, WWE, PFL etc. We have over 60 broadcasters who is broadcasting our event during the peak ours from 7- 11pm. Every year there will be 12 live events and 20 house shows to be broadcasted on TV channels with other OTT , PPV and FCT platform. Our mission is to promote kombat sports throughout the world and to become top most organisation, through this we can attract large number of Events and athlete’s.






2 Billion +